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Chapter 13

Reading and Writing the Quantitative Research Report


Quoting and Paraphrasing

Researchers should reserve word-for-word citations for the most important aspects of their literature reviews. Far more frequently, researchers paraphrase in their literature review what other scholars have written. The Writer's Handbook, a website maintained by the University of Wisconsin provides an excellent tutorial for paraphrasing and summarizing the research of others.


Writing Seems So Easy, But It's Not

The Knowledge Base by Bill Trochim website provides a section on writing quantitative research articles. It's worth the read.

Descriptive or Analytical Writing

In research reports, authors need to use both descriptive and analytical styles of writing. See this website that explains the difference.

Why do We Use APA Style?

Listen and watch Dr. Keri Stephens, University of Texas, explain why researchers need to know APA style.

Need Help with APA Style?

I recommend starting on the APA style website. Check under "Style and Grammar Guidelines" to view helpful tips by topic. Need a little more help, the OWL lab at Purdue University provides excellent instruction and tips for APA as well.

What's a DOI Number?

A DOI number is a unique identifier for digital material. Look at this website to learn more. Just like each person in the U.S. has a unique social security number, articles also have these unique identifiers.


Need Help in Creating Reference List Entries

Try these websites:

However, make sure you double-check each entry with the most recent edition of the APA stylebook. 

Presenting Your Quantitative Research as a Poster

You may be asked to present your research as a poster. This website will get you started.

Submitting Your Research Paper to a Communication Convention


Another resource for developing and presenting your research is Lambda Pi Eta, the National Communication Association's honors society. See if your university has a chapter.

What Happens at a Communication Conference?

Read this article by Dr. Jimmie Manning to learn how to "do" a conference and get the most out of your time there. 

Updated August 7, 2020

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