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Chapter 14

Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods


Special Issue of Southern Communication Journal on Qualitative Research

See the website for Southern Communication Journal, Volume 75, Issue 4 it has a great variety of qualitative studies and an introduction by a guest editor, Ken Cissna.


Online Qualitative Journal 

The Qualitative Report is an online journal dedicated to qualitative research and critical inquiry. At this website, you can search the current and back issues of the journal and explore other websites devoted to qualitative research.  


Inductive Reasoning

Here’s a website with a good review of inductive reasoning.  



This very detailed webpage of credibility in qualitative research is worth reading! 


Comparing Qualitative and Quantitative

There are many websites that offer comparisons of quantitative and qualitative research. I encourage you to review these. I believe you’ll find that the question isn’t Which one is right? but Which one is best for the communication question I want to answer? 

Another Great Source

100 Questions (and Answers) about Qualitative Research, authored by Lisa M. Given, answers many questions new researchers have about qualitative methods.


Updated August 8, 2020


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