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Keyton, J. (2011). Communication and organizational culture: A key to understanding work experiences (2nd ed)Sage.
Interesting articles about organizational culture
Teaching Organizational Culture 


Ryan S. Bisel, Amber S. Messersmith, & Joann Keyton.

Understanding Organizational Culture and Communication Through a Gyroscope Metaphor

Journal of Management Education (2010). Volume 34, pages 342-366. doi:10.1177/1052562909340879


Amber  S. Messersmith, Joann Keyton, & Ryan S. Bisel

Teaching Organizational Culture. Communication Teacher (2009). Volume 23, Issue 2, pages 81-86. doi:10.1080/17404620902779231


Teaching materials mentioned in the Communication Teacher article:


  • Introduction to multi-perspective environment

  • Object orientation video

  • Becoming orientation video

  • Grounded in action orientation video

  • Powerpoint presentation

  • Table of Object, Becoming, and Grounded in Action Orientations

  • Bibliography of organizational culture articles

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