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Chapter 12

Quantitative Analysis of Text


Watch this YouTube video on Content Analysis


Designing Content Analysis Research Studies

This companion website for The Content Analysis Guidebook by Kimberly A. Neuendorf is a great place to start when designing a content analysis research study.


Content Analyzing Media Messages

Content analysis is often used to analyze media messages. Media content can easily be captured and comparative studies can be completed because content captured in one year can be compared with content captured from an earlier or subsequent year. And, of course, consumers as well as researchers are interested in what is portrayed on the media. The Center for Media & Public Affairs' website is an excellent source for consumer-oriented analyses of media content. Their site has links to research studies of the news, the entertainment media, profanity in popular entertainment, and even late-night political jokes.


Learn More About Analyzing Content

Want to learn more about analyzing content? Check out this website from Colorado State University. 


Interrater Reliability 

Check out John Uebersax’s website on Cohen’s Kappa or Dean Freelon's ReCal: Reliability Calculation


Computer Programs for Content Analysis


Don't see a program that works for you? You can find more options here. ​

Updated August 7, 2020


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