Chapter 18

Reading and Writing

the Qualitative Research Report


APA Guidelines for Qualitative Research

This article is intended to guide Psychology scholars in writing qualitative research reports. But the advice can also apply to Communication scholars. As you are writing or after you've written your report of your qualitative research, check Table 1 in this article to see if you have included the recommended elements.

Effective Writing Styles for Qualitative Research

A journal article that provides examples of effective (and different) styles of writing for qualitative research:

An example of how to put together a qualitative research report:


A model for qualitative research report writing:


Great guide for formatting references in APA style

Why do We Use APA Style?

Listen and watch Dr. Keri Stephens, University of Texas, explain why researchers need to know APA style.

Need Help with APA Style?

The OWL lab at Purdue University is an excellent resource for writing and creating citations and references.

What Happens at a Communication Conference?

Read this article by Dr. Jimmie Manning to learn how to "do" a conference and get the most out of your time there. 

Updated February 11, 2019